All Smiles

What's your favorite thing to photograph? It's actually a difficult question for me to answer most of the time. I think photographing people is the most difficult, however the most rewarding. Especially when I can capture genuine emotion. My favorite of course .... a big, beautiful, true smile! 

Grandma & Olivia

These were taken on the day my grandmother met her great granddaughter, Olivia, for the first time. Such a beautiful moment for everyone, I was so happy to be there to capture it! 


Meet Brandee. She's an up-and-coming local artist here in Tulsa. I got the chance to photograph her in the BlueHouse Media Studio downtown. She had such a great spirit about her, plus she's extremely talented! You can find the full story HERE.

Heirloom Baking Co.

I worked on a new menu shoot with a local bakery on Cherry Street called Heirloom. They have such a fun and creative menu. I mean, just look at that Confetti Bubble Waffle!! 

The Outsiders House

These are a couple of my favorite shots from a recent story I worked on with The Tulsa Voice. Even though I live in Tulsa, I actually had never been to the Outsiders house. It was so interesting listening to the owners speak about the different scenes and details about filming the movie there. I feel like every day I'm given another reason to love Tulsa even more. You can find the full story HERE. 

Food Forest

Nathan Pickard is the brains behind the Tisdale Food Forest, which began in April of 2015. The forest was created to take an unpurposed grassy area alongside the L.L Tisdale highway and transform it in to something that is useful and beautiful. I really enjoyed talking with Nathan about all the plants and how it all got started. Find the full story here.

China Part 3 : Xing Ping

It took an entire day of traveling by bus, boat and hiking to get to Xing Ping, and it was worth every minute. Our first night was spent watching the sunset and enjoying wood fired pizza on the roof of our hostel. The town is surrounded by the Li River and Karst Mountains, which made for incredible views.