A Night In India

Last night my boyfriend and I attended this beautiful dinner party. Our host, Shannon Smith, is an incredible chef who travels the world learning different cuisines. It was a beautiful night with local foodies, good music, and delicious food. You can learn more about Shannon HERE!


Torero Bar & Kitchen is a new spot that recently opened in downtown Tulsa. I had worked with the owners and chef on their previous restaurant concepts and was really excited to see what they'd bring to the table for this place. I loved photographing their colorful dishes and beautiful interior! 

All Smiles

What's your favorite thing to photograph? It's actually a difficult question for me to answer most of the time. I think photographing people is the most difficult, however the most rewarding. Especially when I can capture genuine emotion. My favorite of course .... a big, beautiful, true smile! 

Grandma & Olivia

These were taken on the day my grandmother met her great granddaughter, Olivia, for the first time. Such a beautiful moment for everyone, I was so happy to be there to capture it! 


Meet Brandee. She's an up-and-coming local artist here in Tulsa. I got the chance to photograph her in the BlueHouse Media Studio downtown. She had such a great spirit about her, plus she's extremely talented! You can find the full story HERE.

Heirloom Baking Co.

I worked on a new menu shoot with a local bakery on Cherry Street called Heirloom. They have such a fun and creative menu. I mean, just look at that Confetti Bubble Waffle!! 

The Outsiders House

These are a couple of my favorite shots from a recent story I worked on with The Tulsa Voice. Even though I live in Tulsa, I actually had never been to the Outsiders house. It was so interesting listening to the owners speak about the different scenes and details about filming the movie there. I feel like every day I'm given another reason to love Tulsa even more. You can find the full story HERE.