Foolish Things Coffee Company did a feature story on Foolish Things Coffee Company today! I was so happy when they told me we'd be telling their story, I absolutely love photographing anything that is coffee related. Plus, this place is awesome!  If I could shoot coffee all day, everyday I would totally do it! Keep an eye out on Tuesday for the full article. 


BTS Dake Morgan Video Shoot

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot a video for an upcoming, modern wedding company called Dake Morgan and collaborate with Shannon Phillips of Imago Vita Photography. Here are some "behind the scenes" shots I couldn't help but take. Everything was beautiful, the light, the location, the models. So happy to be a part of all this! Keep an eye out for the video! 

Urban Outfitters Store Opening

A few weeks ago I was able to shoot the store opening for Urban Outfitters here in Tulsa. Man, was it packed!! However, I did have a wonderful time and wanted to share some photos! 

Urban Outfitters Store Opening 

Looking back on 2014

When I began 2014 I was fresh out of college and not really sure what was headed my way. All I knew was I was going to work hard and see what happens. Well, a lot more happened than I ever expected. Most artists go through extreme highs and lows with their work. When a project turns out great, you feel like you are on top of the world and can do anything you ever dreamed of. But when it doesn't turn out the way you expected, you just want to throw it all away and give up. In essence, that was my year. But that was to be expected as it was my first year of being a full time photographer! All I can say is that it was a year of learning and growing (also, a lot of food) and I can't wait for another! I am excited to be working as a full time photographer and being a part of the TulsaFood/DineDesign team.

Below are some of my favorite moments of 2014.

 Bring on 2015, I'm ready for ya! 

Dwelling Spaces Catalog

Dwelling Spaces is a really neat local store that sells all kinds of handmade things located in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was such a pleasure to photograph some 'Okie' shirts from owner, Mary Beth Babcock's, t-shirt line.

Sara & Monica

I was so excited when Sara asked me to photograph her proposal to Monica! It was disguised as couple photos and in the middle of the session she got down on one knee. Everything went perfect! Congratulations Sara and Monica!!  

Fall Foods

Here are a few of my favorites thus far into the season! All were taken for either TulsaFood or DineDesign. I've really been enjoying the style, colors and feel from these photos. More to come! 

Kevin & Amy

This wedding was such a dream! I could feel the love and happiness in the air. I am so thankful I was able to be there to capture all of the amazing moments. Congratulations to Kevin & Amy and thanks for letting me be a part of your day! 

Go check out their awesome studio on Route 66!

Jon Heckman and his Mural

Jon Heckman and I have collaborated on a few things here and there, but when I found out how incredible his mural of J.J Cale was I had to go grab some photos. I had never really put any thought into the process of painting a mural; watching him I realized it was really intriguing, but looked extremely difficult. Check out some more of his work at 

Jane Goodall: Up With Trees Event

Here are some photos from an Up With Trees event that was at the AHHA building in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. I didn't have much notice before shooting this event so I didn't really let it sink in that Jane Goodall was going to be there, and I was going to meet her! After being there, and listening to her talk, and looking through the photos, I had to take a step back and thank God for where he has put me. Sometimes I'm blown away by the people I'm surrounded by or the situations I am put in just because I'm able to document it with my camera. It's kind of like a golden ticket. (lastly I added the photo of me and Jane)