Fall Foods

Here are a few of my favorites thus far into the season! All were taken for either TulsaFood or DineDesign. I've really been enjoying the style, colors and feel from these photos. More to come! 

Kevin & Amy

This wedding was such a dream! I could feel the love and happiness in the air. I am so thankful I was able to be there to capture all of the amazing moments. Congratulations to Kevin & Amy and thanks for letting me be a part of your day! 

Go check out their awesome studio on Route 66! 


Jon Heckman and his Mural

Jon Heckman and I have collaborated on a few things here and there, but when I found out how incredible his mural of J.J Cale was I had to go grab some photos. I had never really put any thought into the process of painting a mural; watching him I realized it was really intriguing, but looked extremely difficult. Check out some more of his work at  joxlife.com 

Jane Goodall: Up With Trees Event

Here are some photos from an Up With Trees event that was at the AHHA building in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. I didn't have much notice before shooting this event so I didn't really let it sink in that Jane Goodall was going to be there, and I was going to meet her! After being there, and listening to her talk, and looking through the photos, I had to take a step back and thank God for where he has put me. Sometimes I'm blown away by the people I'm surrounded by or the situations I am put in just because I'm able to document it with my camera. It's kind of like a golden ticket. (lastly I added the photo of me and Jane)


I really enjoyed my last shoot for DineDesign at KEO Restaurant, here are just a few of my favorites

The Conträband

These are a couple images that I collaborated on with Jon Heckman for the Cypher 120 (Written Quincey Project) band, The CONTRÄBAND. Their style is so raw and hard core that it was a unique experience trying to bring that out in the photos, so different from what I normally do. If you are ever free on a Monday night in Downtown Tulsa, you should definitely see them play at The Fur Shop, such a great atmosphere and vibe. 


Here are a few photos of a new friend of mine, Erica. I have always been in awe of her natural beauty and she was sweet enough to let me photograph her. 


I have been doing a lot of food photography lately for a company called DineDesign. The majority of their clients are restaurants in Downtown Tulsa. Here are a few of my favorites! 

Hop Jam

I was able to attend the very first Hop Jam Festival in downtown Tulsa, OK last Sunday. I was there photographing the food and beer for TulsaFood.com and to enjoy the music of course! My inner-teen-girl came out that evening learning that not only was Hanson going to preform that night, a band which I had not seen since I was six, but I get to go upfront and photograph them.   

Jon & Blake

Had an impromtu photoshoot with my friends the other day. The sun was going down, we were sitting outside, cool weather.... I couldn't help but go grab my camera and start taking their portrait. Canon 5D Mark II equiped with a Voigtlander 58mm 

Written's Poem

I just recently have been linked more closely to the art community here in Tulsa. I was attending an event weekly called Cypher 120, an open mic night with poets and musicians, at the Creative Room in the Pearl District. I was struck by a poem preformed by Written Quincey and had the chance to collaborate with a graphic designer friend, Jon Heckman, to do an animation video of the poem. So here are a few frame grabs of the upcoming video, keep your eyes out for the finished thing!! 

Food and Stuff….

I just recently was hired as the photographer/videographer for a company called DineDesign. I never would have imagined that I would be photographing food and restaurants, but I have absolutely loved it! It is a huge and busy industry here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I love getting to meet all the awesome people who make it happen. Here is some of my favorite shots from some recent shoots! 

Brittany and Chris

I had the pleasure of photographing my cousin's engagement photos at the Mayo Hotel in Downtown Tulsa last Saturday. Such a beautiful couple and so enjoyable to be around. I can't wait for the wedding!!